Praise for I Know What To Do: When I Am Nervous

5 Stars!!  - Anxiety is captured straight through the educational life of our average grade level student. The

author’s skill is present in quickly illustrating the character’s struggle and her phenomenal use of rhyme

to soothe.

Attending educational enrichment appears to be simple as the outsider summarizes. Yet, the

difficulty of anxiety complicates the completions of certain task. No problem for this powerful author.

Anxiety is given a quickly age appropriate resolution that can be performed by the student.


Effective Breathing techniques are long acting cornerstones to coping and combating anxiety. IN

fact, this author uses rhythmic cadence repetitiously to boost working memory in grade level cognition.

The book has many strengths that fall around the first- person perspective and the appeasing illustration.


Furthermore, the book can be open to a multitude of genres. In this case, the author has chosen

childhood education. Nonetheless, the format and transcription can easy fit into the realms including

self-help, mental health, addressing anxiety, and wellness".


Dr. L. Wright, LPC-S, ASOTP

University of Houston

Counseling Psychology

Nificent Therapy Services

"Loved the book!!!! Loved the message and it was relatable!

-Dr. Desiree Hickman
Clinical Assistant Professor

“Davis creates a relatable protagonist in the narator, whose personal growth does not erase her faults.  The essential use of self talk for quick resolution can only be extracted from an author who has extensive knowledge and experience in the mental health field!”

- Dr. L. Wright, LPC-S